Home Tour: Anuradha Sarup's home in Gurgaon

It's good to be back...and with my favorite series on this blog - a home tour! Do you like the new look of the blog? We will soon have something exciting here, and though I am having trouble holding it in, I think it's the norm to have a teaser like this to build up the suspense! :)....and a very Happy B'day to my co-blogger Rekha!

Today let's peek into the space that was blogger Anuradha Sarup's home in Gurgaon. Now having moved back in with her parents, she was hesitant to share these pics. However, I persisted because these pics are loaded with simple, easy design ideas that anyone can incorporate into their home's decor.

...see what I mean? Different pieces come together to make a very charming composition.

A better view.
Window decor

Don't you love the simplicity of this room?

Anuradha is a photographer, and this image is testimony to her photography skills..
Head to her flickr page or to her blog to see more of her work.

Image copyright: Anuradha Sarup

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