Guest post: Indian-inspired Rooms

Dear readers, here's a guest post from the guys at Design Shuffle. They have put together a great write-up on their favorite Indian-inspired rooms, just for you!

It was difficult to narrow down our favorite Indian inspired rooms to just a few. We love Indian textiles and bold colors, whether used as accents or layered one on top of the other in a riot of color and pattern. Indian and Anglo-Indian designs have a rich history and can be incorporated into many different style interiors. Mirrored and inlaid furniture, paisley patterns, rich, deep colors, intricate carving, and gold accents are all trademarks of Indian design. We hope you feel inspired with a few interior design ideas to add a few touches of Indian design to your home.

Fetching via
Paisley is a wonderful Indian inspired design motif. Love the mix of warm neutrals, reds and patterns in this living room.

A Design Enthusiast via

Love the intricate carving of the bed and table in this Indian inspired bedroom design. Gorgeous deep hues on the bed linens add to the rich feel of the room.

Lifestyle Coutures via

Love the Anglo-Indian furniture in this room, but what really caught our eye is the architectural details. The arched windows and wood ceiling are incredible.

Lifestyle Coutures via
The quintessential Indian arch frames this sleeping nook. Love the mix of patterns and dark accents in this otherwise cream space. Decorating ideas about from every corner of this room.

Indian In Spirit via
Beautiful draped fabric creates modern feeling canopies above simply made beds. The soft purple is lovely.

New York Social Diary via
Look at the incredible photo mural of a Palace bedroom in India by photographer Pieter Estersohn in his son's bedroom.

House and Home via
Love the palette of blues and greens in this Indian inspired guest room. The shaped headboard recalls Indian arches. The intricate wallpaper is beautiful.

HGTV via

Things we love about this living room include the strong colors, tons of patterns, great textures, gold accents and fantastic Indian art. Add any one of these elements to your own space for Indian Inspiration.

This post comes courtesy of Design Shuffle, where you can find top tier interior designs from around the world.

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