Warli in my home

I am writing this post with a sad heart. Yesterday's Mumbai blasts took away the breadwinners of so many honest, hardworking, well-meaning families, and my heart goes out to them! Another sad day for our country...when will all this end, will it ever end?
I hope you are all looking long and hard at the stuff in your homes - see any Warli?If you are Indian, there must be something Warli in your homes. Well, I certainly have - not one, but many Warli pieces, and here I am reposting the pics for our Warli Carnival.

Warli on my floor

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Warli nameboard and painted pot outside our front door
Warli in my garden

A warli piece I picked up in Ahmedabad

My very first attempt at Warli
So, that's my Warli. Where's yours? Show it off in our July Warli Carnival here!

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