Shopping Online for Madhubani Art

A guest from US couldn’t help staring at the Madhubani paintings we had put up in our living. He bombarded me with questions about the art and I felt like a fool when I could not answer his questions except that I said it’s a kind of tribal art. Of course, I did google search after he left but it was a shame that I couldn't answer him at that point of time. The point is, how often do we blindly buy art without giving a thought about its origin? I don’t know about others, but I have a tendency to just pick up things that fancy me without bothering to check about the artist or the art form.

Anyway, as I google searched, I found Madhubani art has its roots in Bihar and is painted using paste from powdered rice and natural dyes and pigments. Traditionally, women painted these on festive occasions on plastered wall to make it colorful. Of course, like all art forms, Madhubani too has made its way beyond the walls.
Come along as we go shopping for some exciting Madhubani art.
Painted paper mache from artsoftheearth and madhubani mirror frames from Bangalore based artist, Vidushini
Madhubani Vases from
Handpainted madubani wall peg from ( I am in love with these)
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