Online Shopping @ Fashion and You, Heaven and Home: Same Product, Different Prices!

Metal Planter from Heaven and Home
Same Metal Planter from Fashion and You
I love virtual shopping - period! I can browse through shopping sites endlessly ogling at all the lovely products displayed – good time-pass, I must say J. It’s nice to spot a bargain, grab it before it disappears and revel at the thought of getting hold of things someone desperately wants.
It’s easy to get lost in the sea of online shopping sites, each promising the best deal. Of course, home décor is the first section I rush to when I open a site. Yesterday, I happened to spot some planters on Heaven and Home, a new online shopping site and fell in love with it. Just like any sale, I didn’t want to let go of this planter and ordered two planters without thinking twice.
As I was chatting with Sharon online, I told her about the purchase I made. When she mentioned about a similar sale on Fashion and You, I was keen to see if my impulsive purchase on Heaven and Home was worth it. Guess what? The same product I had purchased was on sale there too. Only difference – the price! Heaven and Home priced the planter Rs. 899 after discount, with original price tagged at Rs.1399 while Fashion and You priced the product Rs.999 after discount with original price tagged at Rs.1550. And both sales were happening simultaneously!Check out the attached screen shots of the products and the prices.
The variation was not limited to only the tagged original price and the discounted price but the dimensions as well. While the Fashion and You says the dimension of the planter is Length - 10 | Width - 8.5 | Height - 6.5, Heaven and Home says Length 10 Inch Width 9 Inch Height - 7 Inch. I am stunned, needless to say at my new discovery.
All sites claim to sell authentic brands, genuine information about the products and give you the best deals. But, my experience has shown otherwise. I know what I’ll be doing the minute the product arrives- cross check the dimensions!

Moral of the story - Don't get fooled by the tall claims of online shopping sites, use your judgement before you hit that BUY button :)

Update: The issue was not to target FNU, it's just that I happened to notice the difference when I was shopping at that moment. Another product was far less on Fashion and You when compared to Heaven and Home. I agree with Sharon's version
Moral of the story - whenever you shop online, check out the deals on other sites - buy from the one that gives you the best deal! :)
Have you had similar online shopping experiences? Share it with us.

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