'High-Light' of the week: Sharanya Menon's Customized Lights

This one is called 'Tree of Life '

What do you do when you are jobless? Crib and wallow in self-pity, of course! Well, that’s what I did when I completed my degree and couldn’t land up in a job. 

Satyam Shivam Sundaram
 Now, that’s my story……..Sharanya Menon, on the other hand didn’t sit and wait for a job after she completed BSc in Microbiology. Having pursued a diploma in 3D Animation after her degree, she tried her hand in creating customized lights and shared the pics online. Guess what? She didn’t have to look for a job after that –she went ahead and created her own company – High-Light. Of course, she did land up with a job as an assistant in production design in Mumbai  :).

Each of Sharanya Menon’s hand painted bottles tell a tale as she makes only customized bottles and lampshades. It’s interesting to read how she ventured into this business. Here’s what she had to say when I asked her about it.

Dirty Dancing
‘Being unemployed can have its advantages! I was between jobs and very restless. One afternoon, I found some really old 2L bottles lying in the loft at my grandmother's house (which is where I stay). I had a couple of tubes of paint and so decided to paint them just to keep myself occupied. I posted couple of photos online and got a decent response. People asked whether I was selling them. And that's how it started; as a hobby. Now I do only customize bottles for people, giving them a unique piece that will not be found anywhere else!”

Groove Planet
She prices the bottles depending on the amount of work, courier charges and the lights used.  The base price is Rs.1850 onwards. Apart from bottles, she has also worked on wall-mounted shades and toying around with other surfaces to explore her creative streak.

Star Wars
She also showcased her products at ‘Sunday Soul Santhe, a flea market in Bangalore. She says ‘The response was overwhelming and I am very happy that people have accepted my little venture so well! So much so that orders have been coming in almost every single day!’

Kathakali Bottles - My Fav :)

Sharanya Menon at Soul Santhe
 Wasn’t that an inspiring story? Do check out her website for more designs.

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