My next post - what do you think it's about?

Have a look at the pic....and try and guess what or who my next post is about.

So what's my next post going to be about? Any guesses? ;)

UPDATE: I had to take off the pic of the broken plates - but I want you guys to know that they arrived broken from the FASHION AND YOU order. They did not take my complaint seriously at all. In fact, they just treated it on par with any other customer support issue, and it never went further than the standard support email reply.

On the other hand, the company which produces the plates - my next post is about them, and they are Neerja International of Jaipur - went out of their way to make sure the plates were replaced and delivered to me in record time, in ONE piece, and beautifully packed. I truly appreciate their support and would recommend to anyone that they always buy directly from them. The fact that they are going to have their own online store for Indian customers is super great!!  Thanks Apurv for turning a customer's bad experience into one of absolute delight!

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