Don't miss this week: Pretty Kitchen Storage Dabbas from Zansaar

I know it's a busy week, but I am giving you a very good reason to slow down for a while and look at these awesome retro-design containers on Zansaar. The Pin-up Pantry Collection will brighten up any kitchen! I  am ordering a few of these myself. If you are a coffee person like me, then you will love the prints. And if you are not, there are options for you as well!

 This is a limited period sale (15% off), and that's why I think it's a great idea to slow down just a little bit this week, to treat your kitchen to some lovely color and style!

Liked them? Buy here!

Disclaimer: This post  has been initiated by The Keybunch.  I am not paid to do this post.I loved these products the moment I saw them :)

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