House Proud: A carefully-curated collection of fantastic home decor products

There's suddenly been a surge in home decor sites in India, and while they are all good, most sites lack originality and style. I recently chanced upon, and it made me sit up and say, "Now, this one's different!". Have you seen it yet? 

Owned by Sanvari Alagh Nair, who runs it with the help of  Anjori Alagh and Sharanya Rao, the store is just a month old. I haven't yet made a purchase, so I can't tell you about the efficiency of their checkout process and delivery (key things that any online store should excel in).

However, their products are fab (carefully sourced from the Suzanne Roshan Pret Collection, Earth to Fire, etc), their site is very user friendly and well-designed, and I commend the 3 feisty women on a job well done!

 Here are some of my favs from the store!

 Have you bought from this store? I am eager to know how good the checkout and delivery processes are. Do let me know! :)