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online decor sites in india - worth shopping? honest review

There are so many online home decor shopping options now, that it makes more sense to sit at home, click through and buy, rather than jostle through a crowded shopping mall and spend hours selecting! Then, when you have finally decided on something, you have to wait in really long checkout queues. Online shopping on the other hand, can be quick and satisfying!

The key word in that last sentence is of course "can". How many of you have ordered and then been disappointed? Ordered and then been frustrated when the payment gateway somehow chucks you out, and tells you your transaction was unsuccessful? Ordered only to get called later and informed that your product is out of stock? Huh! Was your SKU counter not working properly when I bought??I know tons of friends who have ordered and then received poor shipping service. 

 Selling online is not just about having a pretty site and displaying pretty products. It's about a commitment to customers that their entire on-store experience rocks!

You can quote me on that line! :) So, you get the drift. We are starting a new series of shopping site reviews on the blog. Some of the reviews are initiated by us - say, we shop online with our own money, and if we have a good or bad experience, we write a review. I want to be honest here and tell you that there are also going to be reviews initiated by the shopping sites themselves. This is how that will work. They approach us with a shopping voucher, we  use it to buy something, and then write the review. However, be assured that every review you see here will be genuine, and we are not partial to any shopping site, even if they send us a voucher. It's you, the reader who is important to this blog. This series is for you.So many of our friends and co-bloggers have expressed their hesitation to buy online, and these reviews will help us all!

Our first review is coming up soon. Do read, and benefit!  
Collage pics are sourced from various online shopping sites.

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