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How many exasperated moments do us mothers go through every school year when our kids' lose something - water bottles, lunch boxes, sometimes even expensive sports shoes, bags and sports equipment.Well, no more teary family inquisitions and no more trips to the Lost and Found booth thanks to Smile Labels.
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Shoe labels

Smita Ahuja, my classmate and friend, started Smile Labels when she returned from a stint in Hong Kong. While in HK, her son’s friends at kindergarten and school had their bottles, lunchboxes, pencils, clothes and sportswear all labeled with personalized name labels. This was strongly encouraged by the childcare facilities and schools not just for health and hygiene reasons but also to ensure that belongings were easy to return to the owner when they got lost.
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Allergy Labels

Smita moved back to India last year and was surprised to find that it was virtually impossible to get quality labels that would withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. This is when she came up with the idea of Smile Labels.
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Smita says that her aim is to provide parents with easy to use stick on labels which are durable, user friendly and at the same time visually appealing to kids. They have 16 attractive label designs and you can stick them anywhere from bags to stationery, shoes, toys, and clothes, anything you can think of.
The labels can withstand the everyday wear and tear and will not come off during wash.
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You know I hate to recommend/ blog about something I haven't tried personally. So I picked up a set of Smile Labels for my daughter, and I promptly stuck them on her water bottle and lunch box, school bag and lunch bag.

They have been through 2 washes and the label is still intact. I am impressed! The shopping experience was quick and hassle-free. The checkout, payment gateway and net banking transaction went on smoothly. I was impressed to receive an email message from them to say that the shipment would be slightly delayed on account of the Karnataka Bandh. I received the package on the promised date!

So head over to www.smilelabels.com and you have one less thing to worry about on the home organization front!

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