May's summer garden in Germany

My friend and fellow-Mangalorean May Noronha currently lives in Germany, and I had to share the pics of her summer-autumn garden/ balcony, and a few interesting corners.

I will let the pics do the talking on this post!

I love the colors~

A closer look at the colorful garden ornament made by her son in school!

2 tiny bells inthis geranium pot are handmade by local craftsmen here.

This green chair was picked up from a flea market. May wanted to re-paint it,
but a very good friend gifted her that pot with geraniums and petunias and told her  not to paint the chair
because the green looked good and it was her fav color.

The black lantern was picked up in Gwalior, India

Fresh autumn leaves from the park + clean glass jar + t-light + twine or straw

Fenugreek leaves

A visiting bee on her lavender sprigs
And that's her lavender all dried and pouched!
What's great about May's garden is that she did it all herself - bought the pots, mud, manure, and saplings; planted everything and nurtured them all like her li'l babies.

May blogs at With Love from Lohr, and I have loved all her posts, and the way she and her family have embraced the German life! Do stop by and get drawn into the story of how an Indian family finds themselves weaving their life's threads in the German way of life!

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