Coco Bazaar - A Flea Market festival by Kitsch Mandi


Last weekend I headed over to Cocco Parra, a restaurant located on a river bank on a sprawling property. It was the location for yet another flea market by the famed Kitsch Mandi people. Once the parking hassles were behind us, it was like entering into a magical land. Palmists, astrologers and massage parlors, a Bohemian crowd and lots of pretty stuff of display - my little girl thought this was it - the make-believe place where her story books were based! Needless to say, she and her li'l brother had a ball!



I was happy to see some familiar names like IndiGreen, Doodle Factory and Aarti Verma of Art Meets Fashion.

It was a lovely evening, and Laila Vaziralli and her team did a marvelous job with the arrangements. On the way out, I had to smile at something I saw. See pic below. 


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