Affordable housewarming gift ideas for Neha

We recently recd. this email from Neha...
    i absolutely love your blog and follow it religiously...    I need some advice. I hope you will help me through it......I have to give a housewarming gift to my uncle and budget is around 1500-2000 rupees.
Please suggest something beautiful and unique.......and also the website/address

thanks in advance


P.S-this could be the topic of your next post.......a lot of people get confused with gifts

We hear you Neha! So instead of a Wordless Wednesday post, today's post is dedicated to helping Neha find that perfect housewarming gift. Here goes.  - Gardenia Bird Feeders
Selling at Rs.690 each, they are perfect for Neha's aunt and uncle's garden  - Freedom Tree coffee set on sale
Marked down from Rs.2500 to Rs. 1450 it's well within Neha's budget, and her aunt and uncle could be thrilled with a gift like this!  -4-in-1  Paisley tray set
At Rs. 2,250 slightly over Neha's budget, but well worth it!

MyNestHome-Owl storage baskets

Every home needs smart and aesthetic storage solutions, and Neha this set of 3 is priced
at Rs 1,599.00
 Which one should Neha buy for her aunt and uncle?  Comment and let us know to help her decide.

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