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It's the 14th of Feb, and here is a love story. Home love! Vineeta Nair had a recent contest on Facebook and that's where I got my first glimpse of Seema Singh's home. I contacted her, and Seema was happy to email me immediately with pics of her home. I will hand over this blog post to Seema, as she tells you her home story!

 I am Seema. I have been married for 23 years, and I have changed homes all over India 12 times! My home reflects my style..all things quaint & wonderful. I love eclectic decor and every piece has a story to tell.I love looking into nooks & crannies in all the places I visit.especially flea markets. I have the attitude of a Blue Jay...collecting things to do up my nest.
Seema and Rakesh e home Bangalore home tour
Seema and Rakesh at their home

My home has an old world charm & things handed over the generations belonging to my grand parents.My garden is my pride & joy.  I believe that every home has a soul. This is a snap shot of my life with loads of simple abundance & love.My husband Rakesh puts up with all my kinks whether it's helping me load (a lovely!!) boulder in the car boot or stopping the car on the highway so I can pick pretty seeds off the trees! 

Here's a peek into Seema's home, as she personally gives you a guided tour.

Seema and Rakeshafghan lady pic home Bangalore home tour
Look at the painting of the Afghan lady on the wall
The afghan lady with the cage on her head caught my eye. This was a prize winning pic on National Geographic a couple of years back.

Seema and Rakesh buddha pic home Bangalore home tour

I got this pic of the Buddha from Bangkok from a street artist. In the forefront in my kokedama(a Japanese varient of bonsai)
Seema and Rakesh door paintings home Bangalore home tour
My favorite place to pick paintings is at the Chitra Santhe. This was a series on doors.

Seema and Rakesh garden home Bangalore home tour
My garden clock picked on my recent visit to Bangkok from a small wayside shop.

Seema and Rakesh garden home Bangalore home tour
The wrought iron angel stakes from a flea market in Old Delhi's crowded by lanes.
Seema and Rakesh bedroom deck home Bangalore home tour
My bedroom deck where I get my thoughts together before facing the madness waiting!

Seema and Rakesh buddha home Bangalore home tour
The calm Buddha in my garden.
  Seema and Rakesh artwork home Bangalore home tour
Another chitra santhe pic. This picture brings back a lot of fond memories of my childhood when my gradnmom woke up at the crack of dawn to do the rangoli before anyone left home.

Seema and Rakesh kitchen board home Bangalore home tour
My kitchen board & the quirky grooms wanted bags! (I have 2 girls 20 and 22 yrs old who I keep threatning with marriage!)

Seema and Rakesh fuschia wall home Bangalore home tour
My fuchia wake me up..pick me up wall. The pots from My sunny balcony never cease to make me happy!
Seema and Rakeshharvest dispay home Bangalore home tour

Seema and Rakesh harvest from herb garden home Bangalore home tour

I love growing my herbs & the harvest is depicted in the pics above wth the colorful bull from Jew town in Cochin & the Monk from Thailand.
Seema and Rakesh pet dog home Bangalore home tour
I feel no home is complete without a pet & Lola here is the queen of all she surveys!

The sit out in the garden on a lovely winter morning.

Seema and Rakesh repurposed teal shelf home Bangalore home tour
The recycled shelf has been given a new life with a lick of teal &; Jiji the adopted stray kitten has made it her home!

An antique Himanchali dowry chest handed down  over generations on which sits a wooden Wine jug more than a 100 years old picked from Jew Town Cochin.

Seema and Rakesh bookcaseantique 1910 home Bangalore home tour
I am more scared of bookruptcy than bankruptcy.This lovely old bookshelf was picked from an old Parsi gentleman who was moving abroad. This was made in 1910!I love the feel of old wood & the stories attached to each piece that I have at home.

Thanks Seema (and Rakesh), you have a gorgeous home! And, dear readers I leave you all with this dreamy image of a birdcage gently swaying in Seema's garden, have a lovely 14th of Feb, everyone!
Seema and Rakesh birdcage home Bangalore home tour

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