Use signboards to emphasize (and jazz up) party spaces

Signboards inside your home - there are 2 distinct camps - Love 'em and hate 'em. I am the love 'em kind, and when I saw Patty's bar sporting a Madhushala sign, I had to share the images on this blog.

This post is for a dear friend, based in Dubai, who is celebrating her b'day today. Happy B'day Molin!

Patty of Colours Dekor has put this post together, so it's over to her now!
 - Sharon

I love the idea of having a 'railway station' sign at home.. and that when 'Madhushala' came about... *smiles*.. At first I attempted doing this with an acrylic board and painting it myself with a light at the back... But that failed so miserably... 

This is obviously done by a professional acrylic sign board maker... 

Here is the area in totality... Most of my guests are rather amused... *smiles* Tell me.. if you like it... 

Thank you Patty! 
And dear reader, tell us - would you incorporate signboards into your decor? Let us know, or share your pictures if you have done this already!