Put your heart into it! Happy Valentine's Day!

V-day cake with yellow hearts!
There's a special V-Day message I want to send out to my readers. Though I am not a conventional V-Day fan, I think the day deserves some merit - to contemplate on an important subject! How often do we put our heart into the things we do? Do we mean everything we say?

On a personal level, putting our hearts into the smallest things we do, will have a ripple effect. A happier home, a cleaner, well-tended garden (which I am afraid I am yet to achieve, as I have no garden to speak of!), a home that may not be spic and span, but still looks lived in, loved and cared for - it is the small things - touches of color, family photographs, and keeping things everyone wants to see around the house, rather than impose our own tastes  - food that may not be Michelin-worthy, but is comforting, nurturing, and tasty!

Translate the above into your work - don't bite off more than you can chew, do what you do well, even if it is something as simple as conveying info to a customer, or keeping books

Put your heart into everything you do - A bit literal, but you get the message!

Let's try our best, to put our hearts into everything we do!

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