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I am exploring tourist destinations keeping the whole family's interests in mind. When I looked up Malaysia, I just loved the endless possibilities for a family like us - decor enthusiast (me), music lover (spouse), adventure freak (daughter) and Lego-crazy (son).

Apart from that, I must say we all love a vacation that offers great food, and enough time for relaxation. So here I am sharing with you the 5 things I am sure our family will do on a trip to Malaysia.
  1. The State of Melaka. Melaka or Malacca is a 2-hour drive from Malaysia's capital Kuala Lumpur.It has several must-see attractions like experiencing the unique Baba-Nyonya Peranakan cultures ( it includes visits to museums, restaurants and homes), the UNESCO world heritage site at Melaka,Jonker Street, Heeran street, and several more. Of these, I am so dying to visit Jonker Steet because of its diversity. A blend of Euro-Asian cultures, so that means plenty of Portugese-Dutch influenced architecture, food, etc. It is also an antique-lover's paradise, with several antique shops located in this area. I am particularly looking forward to seeing
    A charming old house...look at those port windows
    and that bird cage!Pic via
    the classic European architecture in this area.
    Okay, I seem to be rambling because the pictures on Google quickened my pulse and I almost dashed off to pack my bags! I also want to skip the newly-sprung cheap travel souvenir shops, and go shopping at the original shops, the ones that have managed to still stay in business over the decades. I have heard a lot about the food in this area too, so this is where our family of foodies will likely spend a lot of time! The kids (& their mum :p) will also spend some happy minutes at Jonker's Dessert Cafe, I am sure!

    My husband and I would also probably go back to the area in the night to enjoy the Geographer Cafe, which usually has some great food
    An antique shop on Jonker street
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    and a live band performing! Nothing like experiencing the night life in a new city! I read a lot about the Popiah (spring-roll) vendor, an old Chinese man with a dilapidated-looking cart. The queues for his food are pretty long I have heard, and we hope to bump into him here on a weekend as well! Christ Church, Coral Wonderland, D Paradise Malacca - a concept aboriginal and fruit village are other things to see in this state of Malaysia. Heck, we could easily spend a week here!
  2.  Kota Kinabalu and other places in Sabah Kota Kinabalu, Borneo is the busy entrance way to the famous Kinabalu National Park. Not far away from the national park are exciting jungle treks and camping experiences at the
    Scenic sea-side sundown at Kota Kinabulu via
    Crocker Range National Park. Now this national park trek is only wishful thinking, because with 2 kids in tow, I am not really sure how we would manage a trek that takes 2 days to reach the lowest peak! I know though, that the sea-side spot is where we will plant ourselves for a relaxing couple of days.

    So I thought it was a good idea to check out some sea-side resorts in the area.

    The YTL property and the Gaya Hotel both look rather interesting
    YTL Hotel
    Gaya Island Resort via
 There's lots to do in Kinabulu, if you are not keen on trekking up the National Park. Check out Lonely Planet's Guide for the deets!

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 3.    Kuala Lumpur Markets - Craft Center  
and Central Market Okay, I am probably taking you on a rather circuitous trip, but you must have figured that out by now! :) cos we are going back to Kuala Lumpur. As a family we are not really into shopping for clothes, etc. But give us old shops, antiques, decor pieces and food markets, and we never say no. That's why I have listed these 2 markets of Kuala Lumpur in my itinerary.

The Craft Center is located at Jalan Conlay, in an old building that has fantastic architectural features such as intricate carvings in wood, and motif work! I hear that the centre offers displays of local crafts, an artist village, and things for sale. You can also try your hand at local art forms such as batik painting and songket weaving.

The Central Market is located in an art-deco setting, and it's the place to get local handicrafts made by accomplished artists.
 Central Market pic via TripAdvisor

I also hope to head to some local food markets, because I am dying to eat Malaysian durians.

   4 Legoland Malaysia - We are a Lego-loving family. And my son is crazy about his Legos. So this one is a no-miss for the whole family. Remember that Johor Bahru where Legoland is located, is not far away from Singapore, and you could plan your itinerary accordingly.
Legoland pic via TripAdvisor
There are other things to do in Joho Bahru. There are more theme parks like Little Big Club and Puteri Satellite Clubhouse. There are mosques, temples and art galleries, and fun shopping malls. So this is mostly a destination for the kiddies!

5.Pangkor Island I don't know about you, but I would definitely be exhausted after escorting two kids to fun theme parks. Some R & R for the whole family is in order, and I think the Pangkor Island looks like a good place for our family before returning to our busy lives back home! It is a quiet escape in the West
Pangkor Laut Resort pic via

Coast of Malaysia, half-way between Kuala Lumpur and Penang. Yea, yea, we should have mentioned this before the Legoland trip, but heck, as long as you know where it is...! I'll leave the logistics to you:). The pic above is self-explanatory. I don't think we can afford it, but I would certainly love to stay there!

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Malaysia, truly Asia.

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