{Behind-the-scenes at the Hastakala photoshoot: Guest blogging at the BuynBrag blog today

I am guest blogging today at the BuynBrag blog. If you haven't shopped already at BuynBrag, you must at least check them out! 
BuynBragThey have a lovely collection of furniture and knickknacks - carefully chosen directly from the suppliers with whom they share an incredible rapport!

The team from BuynBrag had a memorable trip to Jaipur visiting some of their suppliers, in particular Mr. Jaswant Meel of Hastkala. The company creates beautiful furniture from a workshop located in a scenic place. Best of all, the photoshoot was livened up by the presence of a pug named Shera and her pups. Read more of this account over at the BuynBrag blog.

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