Entertaining with Metal Tableware {class and elegance}

Metals are a great decor addition on our dining and party tables. Nickel, silver and brass, they are all making a come back in the most gorgeous designs. They are far superior than plastic and melamine (especially when it comes to environmental care), a welcome change from pottery and ceramics, and they instantly up your style quotient as hostess!

Have a look at these new products in the market, and you will know what I mean.

Elvy Lifestyle

Founded by husband-wife duo Lovy and Vandana Khosla, I am particularly impressed with their nickel, nickel [plated and nickel with tarnish, etched and engraved products. It is reminiscent of the old days when silver ware adorned the tables of the affluent. 

A tea-strainer 

Dishes and adornment for tea-time/ dessert counters

Spiral Tea Set

For more info visit http://www.elvy.in/

Alchemy De-Luxe

Poonam Gupta's Alchemy De-Luxe is a brand synonymous with beautiful silver ware. These especially caught my eye.

Silver tumblers with gold rings

Round dish with decorative handles in blue
For more information visit http://alchemydeluxe.in/

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