Little design touches {Zuri White Sands, Varca}

Last weekend I had the pleasure of meeting 49 inspiring bloggers when we were put up at The Zuri White Sands Goa Resort and Casino in scenic Varca. Despite the busy schedule, we stole an hour to walk around the sprawling premises, and I want to share a few design touches that caught my eye.

This is a wall embossed rendering of a Goan village

It caught my eye from right across the swimming pool
These parapet designs around the hotel gardens added an old world Portuguese touch to the hotel premises.

The round half cylindrical tiles on the rooftoops of the quaintly designed resort buildings
The warm glow from these wall sconces against the light streaming from the big white cathedral windows...a great capture by IHM. Pic via

I have to thank my roomie (from the acclaimed blog Indian Homemaker) for making me stop and appreciate the beauty of this diagonally-growing tree

These awesome lighting fixtures hung from the restaurant roof. Also notice the roof with its rattan weave and wooden beams. Pic via IHM's FB Page

I know its bad manners to peep into someone else's hotel room :P but hey! look at that sun lamp...we had one in our room too but only when we spotted this one from outside someone else's room, we realised it was a lamp. Image via IHM's FB
It's quite a peace of art, with the nose and smile depicting a boat, and a big oar running through the circle!

The resort gave one the impression that buildings were carefully built without disturbing the greenery too much. Of course,
I know that the foliage must have been planted later, but all in all, green overshadows the concrete, and I like it!
 The hotel lobby had these lovely teal/aqua chairs. They looked nice! And I also loved the pink and orange colors that spiced up this seating arrangement.
Pic credit Aseem Rastogi (blogger at Transition of Thoughts)
The next day, when we test drove the new Tata Zest, IHM and I (who were on different teams) bumped into each other on the road outside the resort. I didn't have my camera with me, and begged her to click a pic of the beautiful streetlights in Varca.

Thanks IHM!Do read IHM's post's filled with wonderful captures.
And finally, I leave you with an image of the setting sun streaming through the trees.

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