{How do you Celebrate Diwali?} Snapshots of two households Down South

Aarthi Anand from Chennai and Rama Ananth from Bengaluru have sent in some stunning images of their Deepawali celebrations.

Aarthi Anand is a blogger and her Diwalis are always traditional.
Aathi Anand's living room
Says Aarthi,"Tamilians celebrate Diwali early in the morning, after the ritualistic oil massage-bath, after which we wear new clothes and burst crackers.As always we pay respect to elders and God before eating."

A beautiful collage of Aarthi's Diwali festivities. To see more pics head over to HouseDelic
Here's a pic from Aarthi's 2014 Diwali

And, Rama Ananth from Bengaluru sent me these images from her 2014 Diwali.

I like that xmassy touch!

Thank you for those lovely images, Rama and Aarthi!

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