Home Tour:Arif & Inderjit's Mumbai apartment

How do you imagine a home housing 2 artists with complementary tastes will look? Well, the pic above is giving it away somewhat, but if you answered arty, colorful and well-designed, you got it right!

I am taking you through a tour of  a tiny Mumbai apartment, home to Arif and his partner Inderjit.

Inderjit (left) and Arif

Both artists, they are always on the lookout for "finds" when they are out travelling, and they travel a lot! They love going to little dots on the map that not many people know of and while there, they always look for unique artifacts to bring back home.

Their home houses items from the old furniture market in Udaipur, the Jew Street of Kochi, the narrow old lanes of Hyderabad and even from the heritage Galle Fort of Srilanka. Also, the creative souls they are, they keep re-arranging every three months or so!

Says Arif, "Considering the lack of space in Mumbai we both managed to keep minimum furniture along with frames with my art works or something we bought from our travel."

When I asked them who has contributed more to the house, Arif said,

"I specially love lots of white and space and Inderjit likes slash of colours, hence you will find beautiful togetherness of off-white walls and curtains to complete the sombre look and the added colour palette via our cushion covers and assorted art works. We prefer natural looking furniture in dark brown."

Everything you see in this bedroom is from Fabindia

 Vintage frame with Arif's art work, a calligraphy piece from Istanbul and the ceiling lamp from Fab India.

This is a wall of the living room -  two huge blue drawers bought by the duo from Chorbazaar and the Arabic letters spell FUNN (something Arif commissioned a carpenter to create).

 All wooden utensils were bought in Kerala

 Do they feel limited by the fact that it is a rented place? " Yes", admits Arif. "Since it is a rented apartment  nothing much can be done in terms of windows but we are fortunate that the house has enough natural light coming in from the windows thus making it look bright and cheerful for most of the day. But yes there is lot of scope to remould this place."

And finally, this 'cover pic' of my feature is an 80 year old divan from Mumbai's chorbazaar. It has assorted Hyderabad kitsch range of cushion covers designed by Inderjit and Arif!

Did you like their home? They would love to know what you think of their decorating skills. And if you show them enough comment love, they are open to sharing pics of their gorgeous studio space as well, in another post! So go on, you know what you have to do now!

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