Keep Calm and Love your Rainy Days

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Getting your home monsoon-ready: Tips, Tricks and Style

First Things First

Chłopcom pewnie przydałyby się #płaszcze przeciwdeszczowe :) Tobie też zdarza się zapomnieć #parasola? Sprawdź naszą ofertę na płaszcze i zawsze bądź gotowy na zmianę pogody! Zobacz na,0.html
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Indoor Home Care
From Padma Lakshmi's Kitchen: Homemade Masala Chai recipe
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Monsoon Style File
Zivame has a lovely range of 
neon pop raincoats

  • Want to take your stylishness up several notches? Create a rain chain with upcycled glass bottles. A rain chain will divert water away from your house, but at the same time enhance the look of your house. Best of all, they make a really soothing sound. Click here for some lovely DIY rain chain ideas
Old silverware becomes a part of this delightful rain chain
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Polka Paisley Kullads
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  • Invest in kullads, tea pots, trays and cheery serveware. There's nothing better than sipping  chai and munching hot pakodas on a cold, rainy day says Karishma Madan on our facebook page!
  • Keep the home cheery. While the weather outside can be dull and wet, a splash of color will brighten up your home
  • Books! There's nothing lovelier than curling up in a comfortably chair reading a book on a rainy day! Booklovers, make sure you have a good book to read when you need it!
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